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Welcome to Chura Sushi

美ら (pronounced  Chura) translates to beautiful in Okinawan – where beauty is at the heart of everything. Experience a beauty quintessential to Japanese dining, where fresh, quality ingredients are artfully presented as a feast for your eyes and your palate.

Nigiri Sushi 10 Kinds

Beautifully Served

Have it your way with Chura’s Signature roll sushi. Our eye-catching creations are served as delectable bite-sized Temari form, carefully shaped and crafted by our team of highly skilled sushi chefs to appeal to your senses. Accompany it with our artfully presented cocktails, all adorned in captivating blossoms and hues.

We wish you a beautiful day!

Find a convivial dining style and a sincere hospitality in serving our guests during your meals at Chura, where beauty takes on a whole new meaning.